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Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida - shotokan karateka

Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida 3rd dan JKA shotokan karateka

The Machida's are a great sporting and martial arts family, the father Yoshizo Machida is a JKA representitive sent to Brazil to expand shotokan karate in that region, Yoshizo Machida is a master in the art of JKA shotokan karate.

His two son's Lyoto and Chinzo both use shotokan karate as their stand up game in mma competition when their fighting in the UFC octagon or the ring respectively.

Lyoto has put karate back on the map as an alternative for stand up striking technique in mma events, making the UFC competition richer and closer to a true mixed martial arts event.

Other fighters in the UFC with a karate background are George St-Pierre and Semmy Schilt both from Kyokushin karate.

Lyoto is the former UFC light heavyweight champion with an impressive record, he has fought the cream of the crop in his weight division in both Pride and UFC competition, here is his record
Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) record from 20 fights,

win 17, loss 3, draw 0

His 17 wins have been in the order of 6 tko, 2 submissions, 9 decisions,
Pride fighting championships record from 13 fights,

win 12, loss 1, draw 0

Highlights of Lyoto "the Dragon" Machida in Pride and UFC

Whether they win or lose will not have any bearing on how I view traditional shotokan karate, but it does prove that if trained in the right way traditional shotokan karate can work for you in combat sports and as a personal self defense tool should your life be in danger.

Karate and stand up are Lyoto's main game in the UFC but he is also a black belt in brazilian jujitsu (BJJ) and he also has experience in sumo wrestling, generally he uses his grappling skills to remain standing where he is most comfortable using his karate skills.

Here is some information about the Machidas.

An extract from a interview with Lyoto Machida on a mma site.

How has Karate influenced your MMA game?

Karate is my main game and has given me all the aspects of the fight game, my speed and everything. I think it is what sets me apart from everybody else and is what brought me to where I'm at. Not only does my stance complicate a lot of things for my opponents, but my stance also puts me in different positions and in different ways of standing, and this complicates people very much because I'm not inside that pattern of boxing and Muay Thai, I go beyond that.

Do you train Muay Thai and boxing?

I train only my Machida Karate, I'll spar with a boxer or a Muay Thai guy but I don't train specifically boxing or Muay Thai. I'll throw some knees and throw some moves out there but when I train with a Muay Thai guy it's to learn how to adapt his game.

The whole interview here. ... rview.html
Lyoto talks about karate training at the 4:12 minute mark.

Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida

Lyoto Machida in his karate days

Chinzo Machida (Lyoto's brother) in mma event

Chinzo Machida Kata Unsu

Sensei Yoshizo Machida Kata Hangestu

Machida vs Evans, UFC light heavy weight belt
Lyoto using osae uke jodan seiken gyaka zuki

JKA shotokan karate shobu ippon competition
same technique - osae uke jodan seiken gyaka zuki

Lyoto Machida Career Highlights Part 1

Lyoto Machida Career Highlights Part 2