Sunday, January 17, 2010

The nonsense in martial arts

My style is better than yours

It doesn't matter what style, if only you can utilize your body unlimitedly. Bruce Lee

The nonsense in martial arts, of my style is better than your style, my techniques are superior to yours, my instructor is better than yours etc.

I don’t know about you folks but to me that’s a lot of guff and malarkey, after all in a real confrontation it’s you that’s on the front line, not your style or your sensei or even your technique, what are you going to do pull out your black belt and expect it to do the fighting for you, well it’s just a piece of cloth, it’s not going to do anything for you, then again the assailant might use it to strangle you so dont take it out of your training bag.

Imo opinion if an instructor or student traditional or not is so insecure that he has to stand up in front of his class to rubbish other styles in order to make his look good, chances are what he’s teaching is not very effective, or he doesn’t really know how effective his system is never having been involved in street fighting or ring/mat sports.

There are many would be experts in all the martial arts circles claiming that their art is so superior to others, I have talked to people on forums, who are anything but the epitome of a good martial arts instructor even though in their minds they are legends and they believe to have stumbled upon the truth of all things, there are also karateka and many others who fall into the same catagory.

I wonder what the retention of students at their school would be if the students knew what sort of crap these people spewed out behind the mask of an alias on a forum.

Generally they can’t really answer any questions that are related to their art, and usually indulge in mudslinging and name calling, yet they claim to have all the answers they just dont know how to express them, clowns like these not only give themselves a bad reputation but also the organisation they represent.

Do these people have real street experience?,
Are they soldiers from the front line?,
Have they ever had to fight for their lives?,
Have they ever been shot at or stabbed?,
Have they ever experienced real violence?,
Have they ever stepped out on to a mat or ring for contact comeptition?, 
Just exactly where and how did they gain the knowledge and experience that makes them superior to everyone else?.

Where are they drawing all this wisdom from, is it from attending a seminar or course is it from a piece of paper or some badge or belt that says they have attained some sort or knowledge in whatever it is they do?, dont be fooled by so called experts that claim to have all the answers, you might find they got their qulaifications from the back of a cornflakes packet.

When it all boils down to it, their experience is no better in reality than people who have been competing in a point fighting tournament, yet they present themselves as the answer to all things thinking in their minds they are the only ones that are enlighten because they have cross trained.

I know one thing if my sensei was carrying on like a two bob watch like these guys do, I would drop him like a hot potato and go else where to train, i mean the type of behaviour exibited by these people surely must come from their personality which says quite alot about who they really are deep down inside.

So imo if your instructor stands up in front of the class and continually bad mouths other arts so his can look good, or claims to have all the answers then sorry to say chances are you are at Clayton’s school of martial arts.

I am very pleased to say that after 7 years of formal training at the JKA I have never come across a sensei, sempai or any visiting instructors that have stood at the front of the class and bad mouthed other martial arts, they mainly concentrate on the task at hand, which is improvement in the art of karate-do.