Sunday, January 17, 2010

Karate literature

Some great books for any karateka to have within their collection.

Adventure - Biography

Stan Schmidt - Meeting myself beyond spirit of the empty hand

C.W. Nicol - Moving Zen

Dave Hazard - Born Fighter

Gichin Funakoshi - Karate do my way of life

Technical - Books

Gichin Funakoshi - Karate Do Kyohan

Masatoshi Nakayama - Dynamic Karate

Masatoshi Nakayama - Best Karate series

Iain Abernethy - Karate Jutsu

Iain Abernethy - Karate's grappling methods

Bill Burger - Five years one kata
Lawrence A. Kane and Kris Wilder - The way of kata
John W. Titchen - Heian Flow systems

Elmar T. Schmeisser - The Tekki series

Elmar T. Schmeisser - Channan Heart of the Heians
Elmar T. Schmeisser - Advanced karate-do
Patrick McCarthy - Bubishi