Sunday, January 17, 2010

Edge weapons defence with maestro Raymond Floro

Ray Floro is a highly qualified master and instructor in the traditional arts of Kalis Ilustrisimo and Lameco Eskrima, he has over 30 years of martial arts experience and has gone on to develop his own system "Floro Fighting Systems" (FFS) which is a system of Edged Weapon combat and defence.

Ray is based in Sydney New South Wales (NSW) Australia and has instructed FFS internationally to: US Special Forces, Korean Special Forces, various SWAT teams, and the New Zealand Police and nationally members of the Australian Federal Police, Australian Military, NSW police and QANTAS airlines.

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Ray Floro takes us through some of his vast array of techniques when dealing with edged weapons defense. 

Ray Floro - Craigieburn Workshop - Part 1

Ray Floro - Craigieburn Workshop - Part 2

Ray Floro - Craigieburn Workshop - Part 3