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The strongest karate

Masutatsu Oyama sensei 10th dan master and founder of kyokushinkai karate-do

Mas Oyama sensei (July 27, 1923 – April 26, 1994), was an internationally renowned kyokushinkai karate-do master, a Korean born karateka that migrated to Japan and became a Japanese citizen, he trained in the martial arts from a youngster starting of in korean kempo then migrating to Japan he moved on to judo and boxing.

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Mas Oyama sensei's first taste of karate was under Funakoshi Gichen sensei in the art of shotokan karate-do and he achieved his 4th dan in this system, he then went on to train in Goju ryu karate-do and was graded by Gogen Yamaguchi to 8th dan in this system. Mas Oyama sensei also trained in judo and graded to 4th dan in this system.

In 1964 Mas Oyama sensei founded Kyokushinkai "the society for the ultimate truth" in Japanese, a full contact system of karate that can arguably be the hardest form of karate today.

Kyokushin karate-do is largely based on the basics of shotokan and goju kata but it does incorporate other methods into its syllabus including western boxing.

There is no padding in competition, bare knuckles are used but face/head punching is not allowed, kicks and knees to the head are allowed and kyokushinka have developed kicking technique peculiar to this system of karate-do.

Kyokushinka take on all comers and in early open tournaments to any styles held in Asia, kyokushinka smashed through most of thier opponents including other styles of karate, Muay Thai boxers, kickboxers, kung fu exponents, filipino boxers and anyone else that dared step on the mat.

Depending on the region Kyokushin style black belt gradings involve 20 30 40 or even 50 man kumite rounds, each man coming in to face the person grading is fresh and rounds last a few minutes.

Sometimes a 100 man kumite is attempted by kyokushinka who have an indomitable spirit, kyokushinka are some of the toughest and strongest karateka to walk the planet.

There are a few groups that have broken away from Kyokushin or embraced the knockdown style of Kyokushin karate-do competition.

Some of these are Ashihara karate, Enshin karate, Shidokan, Seidokaikan and many more, all these groups stay faithful to the Kyokushin knock down style of competition and its training methods, some might have slight variations such as certain forms of grappling etc.  

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Kyokushin KO by mawashi

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