Sunday, January 17, 2010

The benefits of karate training

Karate can be practiced any where, no special equipment required.

Shotokan karate is great for men and women because,


Traditional karate training is a great way to keep your body fit and healthy, like swimming it exercises nearly all the muscles in the body and after a couple of years of regular traditional karate training there should be a noticeable change in one’s body shape.

The work out given by traditional karate methods is mostly anaerobic but can be turned into an aerobic exercise simply by reducing the number of breaks.

Traditional karate training is mainly based on ply metric exercises which coupled with isotonic and isometric exercises harden your muscles like a piece of steel rope.

Traditional karate will not increase your muscle size to any great amount, but will melt away fat with austere training, it strengthens your muscles, ligaments, bones, sinew and loins and in general increases your core strength.

Couple traditional karate training with general fitness activities like push ups, burpees, bunny hops, running sprinting, skipping, sit ups etc. at the start and end of every class and it makes for a complete physical work out.

If you’re not sweating profusely and huffing and puffing after 5 to 10 minutes of the class beginning then there is something amiss, by the end of the class you can wring out the sweat from your gi and there should be steam coming of your body.


Shotokan kumite mix - competition

For the younger folks, if you’re good enough it offers competition on an international level so there is always the opportunity to see other countries while training and competing, the shoto cup is hosted by different countries every two years so if you make the Australian team who knows where you will end up.

Then there are the Australian nationals and state titles to compete in and travel around Australia and your state as each state takes turns in hosting the nationals and different towns for the state titles.

There are also numerous shotokan competitions from many different organisations and traditional all styles competition which feature Goju-ryu, Shito-ryu, Wado-ryu and shotokan-ryu stylists, which one can enter and compete.

It’s a great experience and another feather in the cap not to mention the comradery and new friendships that you will make on these journeys.


Kissaki-Kai Nijushiho Kata Bunkai - sensei Vince Morris

Shotokan karate is a simple art to learn and trained in the right fashion it offers a great tool box for self defence technique, it’s also a decisive and very affective art in the right hands, techniques are in line with modern day physics and are simple to apply; one technique can have various uses against many different types of attacks.


Applications For Kanku Dai with sensei Tom Leeman

With all the commotion about bunkai, oyo and kata grappling/sparring, the art of shotokan karate can keep you interested and occupied for a life time, it always regurgitates something old as something new and always presents an alternative to what you thought was buried in cement.


Isso é / This is Karate Shotokan 1 - Kumite

Usually a special class that you must be invited to; this class is devoted to fighting using karate technique, not for everyone but there if you want it at an established club.


Karate training can increase your,

1. Fitness and Heath

2. Motor skills and hand eye/foot co-ordination

3. Confidence that also helps in everyday life and work

4. Concentration and focus

5. Muscle tone, strength and power

6. Balance, movement and foot work

7. Flexibility and Suppleness

8. Discipline, self esteem and character building

9. Self Defence capabilities


a. Competition

b. Gushuku's - special training camps in the mountains or by the foreshore

c. Seminars and special classes from local and visiting international instructors.

d. Friendship, comradery and team spirit

e. It’s also cheap compared to some other martial arts.