Sunday, January 17, 2010

Women of Karate

Karate can equip a woman with excellent self defence capabilities

Millions of women around the world enjoy the benefits of karate training, they have come to realize that participating in the masculine art of self defence and keeping themselves trim, attractive, beautiful and feminine can go hand in hand.

Karate the martial art can equip a woman with excellent self defence capabilities that could save her life in a crisis, and all the side effects of karate training like keeping the body strong, trim and healthy are an extra bonus.

Karate has no racial, religious or gender barriers

Participating in the art of karate-do does not diminish a women’s femininity, rather it builds strong character, self esteem and confidence that can be carried over into everyday life including family and business.

Many women have become so good they are instructors.

The art of karate-do can offer many different things to different people, including self defence, competition, self improvement, self confidence, stress relief, , develops reflexes, physical fitness - strength and endurance, mental ability, improved concentration, co-ordination, character development and if your that way inclined even a carrier in martial arts.

Competition Kata

Team Bunkai ANAN - Female Japan National Team

World Karate Championships 2006 - Japan Female Team Kata-Bunkai

JKA karateka Nozomi Oshima peforms kata Kanku Dai (To view the sky)

JKA karateka Nozomi Oshima peforms kata Gankaku (Crane on a rock)

Competition Kumite

Kumite (Sam vs Sherry) JKA 2010

JKA female kumite semifinal Takahashi vs Yamada

JKA All Japan female kumite final Shiina vs Tanabe(halfway)

Self Defence

Self defence techniques with Nancy Lanoue 6th dan Seido Karate