Sunday, January 17, 2010

The double hip twist - Shukokai Karate

Hanshi Chojiro Tani 9th dan karateka and founder of shukokai karate-do

Shukokai translated means "the way for all" was founded by Chojiro Tani sensei in 1948 when he opened the first Shukokai School of Karate in Kobe Japan, at the time Tani sensei named his style Tani-ha Shito-Ryu but later it would be called shukokai karate.

Shukokai karate evolved from careful analysis of the dynamics and principles found in all traditional karate-do, it then expanded and branched out from its root art which was shito-ryu.

Shito ryu incorporates both Naha-te and Shuri-te methods, shukokai karate still shares similar techniques with shito ryu with the addition of the shukokai technical knowledge, formulas and philosophy.

Shukokai karate focuses on the best way to deliver full weight strikes and kicks and from this study produced the double hip twist which is perculiar to shukokai karate.

More about the double hip twist here, DOUBLE HIP TWIST

Below sensei Peter Consterdine 7th dan shukokai karateka takes us through the principles and fundamentals that make the double hip twist.