Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tai Chi with master Ian Sinclair

Master Ian Sinclair vice president of the Canadian Taijiquan Federation

Master Ian Sinclair is a very experienced sifu (teacher) and competitor, he has had 30 years of martial arts experience and has studied many different martial arts, sifu Sinclair teaches Tai Chi in Orillia, Ontario and specialise in the following arts,

Taijiquan (Yang, Chen, Sun, Wu, Hao)
Dian Xue Na Mak

Master Ian Sinclair's website,

I'm sure many traditional karateka can relate to most if not all topics master Sinclair presents in the videos below, and imo just goes to show how all good martial arts have very similar fundamentals and principles, regardless of how they are practiced. 

Below sifu Ian Sinclair excellently presents the basic fundamentals and principles of Taijiquan.

Tai Chi Basics ~ Lesson 1 - Using the mind and not force

Tai Chi Basics: Lesson 2 - Power like a whip

Tai Chi Basics: Lesson 3 ~ Relaxation is not for wimps!

Tai Chi Basics ~ Lesson 4 - The Centre is the Thing in the Middle

Tai Chi 10 Form Part 8: Grasp the Birds Tail

Tai Chi 10 form (taijiquan) part 6: Rooster stands on one leg

Tai Chi 10 form applications - Commencement

Tai Chi 10 form Part 4 Part Horse's Mane

Tai Chi Tuishou (Pushing Hands) Lesson 8 - Basic neutralization practice

Tai Chi Tuishou (Push Hands) Lesson 4

Tai Chi Tuishou (Pushing Hands) Lesson 9 - Outer elbow spiral and rolling method

Tai Chi 10 form part 2b: Applications of reverse reeling forearms

Tai Chi Tuishou (Pushing Hands) Lesson 10 - Inner elbow spiral and rolling method