Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bunkai the lost soul of karate by Graham Palmer sensei

Graham Palmer sensei 5th dan shotokan karate-do karateka

Graham Palmer sensei is a UK shotokan karateka who runs his own club "Norwich Shotokan Karate Club" (NSKC) and is affiliated to the "Academy of Shotokan Karate" the chief instructor being Dave Hazard sensei 7th Dan.

Graham Palmer sensei's web site here

Graham Palmer sensei's thesis in PDF format

Graham Palmer sensei has studied both striking and grappling arts and has written a magnificent thesis on karate-do titled,

"Bunkai - The Lost Soul of Karate".

I hope you enjoy Graham Palmers sensei's thesis-article on Bunkai as much as i did.

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Bunkai The Lost Soul of Karate by Graham Palmer sensei

thesis - bunkai lost soul of karatedo -