Sunday, January 17, 2010

Head protection - self defence

Head protection with cover

In most bare knuckle street encounters between males the main target for punches is the head, whether you have trained in any discipline or have no training at all, most males know that taking out the computer room is the fastest and easiest way to end the encounter.

Think of it this way if the aggressor is wearing winter clothing with a big overcoat and jumpers to keep warm body shots will be dampened and will not be as effective.

If he is bigger than you are grappling and clinching might play right into his strength/game and the last thing you would voluntarily want to do in a street fight is go to ground as a strategy or tactic.

So what would be the best strategy and tactic to employ if you have been taken by surprise and you have no where to go (confined space) or you have been overpowered in an exchange of punches.

I really like the head defence/guard methods presented in the videos below and I think its worth taking the time to investigate and incorporate if you haven't already done so, some sort of head defence/guard for bare knuckle encounters (no gloves).

In my opinion the head defence/guard/cover postures presented in the videos below are very defensive in nature and certainly misalign and tense the defender's body up unnecessarily.

The body alignment adopted for the head defence/guard will impede the defenders ability to deliver effective full weight punches while maintaining this type of position/posture.

Holding the head defence/guard posture from a distance would certainly telegraph the defenders intention of punching with weight since he would have to move out of head guard position to do so.

If you where to remain stationery in the head defence/guard position in an open area it would give the aggressor all sorts of offensive options.

When you assume these types of head defence/guard postures from a good versatile stance it should be for close quarter combat distance.

If the distance is outside kicking distance then in my opinion it would not make sense to hold such a defensive posture which will limit your choices for offensive techniques, your physical attributes eg.speed, the element of surprise, maneuverability and telegraphing your intentions.

The disadvantages of assuming such a defensive position in a street fight are offset with the strategy and tactics which are employed as a follow up to the head cover/guard posture that's what makes this type of submissive defence so effective in my opinion.

The main objective in successfully applying and maintaining the head defence/guard position is to drive forward with your whole body like a battering ram into the line of fire and the aggressor.

The feeling should be that of crashing or ramming your head guard into his chest area and bowling him over backwards, this would be very achievable in close quarter combat distance.

Driving forward with your whole body like a battering ram will upset his balance and therefore disrupt his rhythm and punches, he may even spike himself on one of your elbows and break his hand.

After having disrupted his balance, rhythm and punches by driving forward and into the aggressor with your whole body weight, you will then employ whatever the circumstances demand to finish the encounter.

In my opinion the head defence/guard posture is a great tool to be used at the appropriate time and is best suited in close quarter combat as shown in the videos below.

Matt Bryers - Hand to Hand Combat

Matt Bryers - Hand to Hand Combat

Jeff Liboiron - Senshido

Rodney King - Crazy Monkey defence

Crazy Monkey Defence