Sunday, January 17, 2010

Karate - Kung fu a comparison

sensei Charlie Wildish & sifu Keith Cormack compare karate and kung fu

Here is an interesting comparison one that in my opinion should happen more often, we have two advanced martial artists in a number of traditional martial arts comparing notes.

I say bravo to these two gentlemen for tearing down the schism that exists in traditional martial arts, in the videos below they both find common ground from the concept of exchanging martial arts knowledge.

I have always been of the opinion that all good traditional martial arts no matter the origins have more in common than most people think.

Its not the techniques on their own that are formidable but the principles and fundamentals that are to be found in each and every technique of the particular martial art system.

When the system also couples these attributes with the correct strategy and tactics in application then the techniques are sound even under pressure.

There are only so many ways to skin a cat, sensei Wildish and sifu Cormack prove this point very well.

On the surface and in isolation one art looks completely different to the other art, but in application both approaches are effective and both incorporate similar principles and fundamentals. 

Sensei Charlie Wildish is a 3rd dan shotokan karateka and is also a Lotus Nei Gong Tai chi practitioner.

Sifu Keith Cormack is a Wing Chun instructor and also Choi Lee Fut and Shoalin kung fu practitioner.

Please checkout sensei Wildish's excellent blog "Bunkai Jutsu",

Below sensei Wildish and sifu Cormack compare and exchange the similar principles, fundamentals and applications that can be found in the art of shotokan karate-do and the art of wing chun kung fu respectively.

Bunkai for Karate's Age Uke and Wing Chun's Bong Sau

Bunkai For Tekki/Naihanchi, With Cross Reference To Wing Chun

Bunkai: Heian Nidan/Pinan Shodan (Won Hyo) & Chum Kiu

Bunkai for Kihon Kata (Il Jang, Chon Ji, Ki Cho Hyung Il Bu)

Bunkai for the humble "Yoi"

Applications For Chum Kiu

Bunkai For Shuto Uke (Karate) & Fun Sau (Wing Chun)

Karate Kata Bunkai For Heian Godan (Pinan Godan)

Tekki/Naihanchi Bunkai With Reference To Similar Wing Chun Movements (Part 2)

Bunkai for Hangetsu/Seishan (and related Kung Fu moves)

Kata Bunkai for Nijushiho (Niseishi)

Bunkai For Nijushiho (Niseishi), Part 2

Karate/Kung Fu Escapes From The Mount