Friday, October 16, 2009

Reality based self defence (RBSD)

Reality based self defence (RBSD) has been around for some time now, and while some of the RBSD exponents claim that it’s essential knowledge to have in a self defence situation where does this leave people studying martial arts like kung fu, karate, muay thai, judo, boxing, jujitsu, kick boxing, silat kali, wrestling, Brazilian jujitsu, mma, Jeet kune do etc etc?

The martial arts mainly deal with the actual fighting side of things that is when the fight is on.

Do we need to attend RBSD courses or at least read up on the methods employed within them?

First let us look at some of the major topics covered in RBSD classes.

a. Recognizing and avoiding a potentially dangerous situation
b. Color coding barometer and survailence
c. Verbal diffusion and de-escalation techniques
d. Body language of prey / predator and victim selection
e. Adrenaline dump and the flight or fight reaction
f. weapons – defence and disarm
g. Tools (e.g. Shredder, Fence etc.) to deal with the physical side, if all else fails
h. Scenario training for the individual’s needs
i. The aftermath of a violent confrontation

All the above topics can be found within a good RBSD syllabus and all have relevance in a potentially violent street encounter, imo it only makes sense to look into these methods by either attending a few classes or at the very least to read a few books about the subject matter.

It’s all good theoretical information to absorb and is based on research and statistics by all kinds of individuals and government departments, coupled with scenario training it makes for something different to the normal dojo or gym training, and worth experiencing.

RBSD will compliment your martial arts training not so much in the new physical techniques department but more along the lines of the theoretical areas covered and new training methods such as scenario training which are not usually dealt with in a typical martial arts class.

These new methods, ideas and knowledge can then be incorporated into your typical martial arts training.

Being an experienced martial arts intructor for many years and attending a few RBSD seminars and courses is more than enough to qualify you to introduce and teach RBSD into your system.

Maybe Funakoshi sensei had elements of RBSD in his shotokan with some of his following statements,

The correct understanding of Karate and its proper use is Karate-do. One who truly trains in this do [way] and actually understands Karate-do is never easily drawn into a fight. Gichun Funakoshi

To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the highest skill. To subdue the enemy with out fighting is the highest skill. Gichin Funakoshi

The secret principle of martial arts is not vanquishing the attacker but resolving to avoid an encounter before its a occurance. To become the object of an attack is an indication that there was an opening in one's guard and the important thing is to be on guard at all time. Gichin Funakoshi

Here is a good on line RBSD book by Geoff Thompson (Dead or Alive)

Here is a good RBSD website,

Some RBSD clips below.

Blauer - Flinch & 1st two secs of a fight

Rich Demitri - Training the Shredder,much more than eye gouging

Deane Lawler - Rsult seminar Melbourne