Friday, October 16, 2009

JKA history clips and today

Japan Karate Association (JKA)

日本空手協会 Nihon Karate Kyokai

Brief History

May 1949 JKA formed under Supreme Master Funakoshi Gichin

Mar 20, 1955 First JKA headquarters dojo established at Yotsuya

Apr 1, 1956 First ever karate specialist instructor training program established at headquarters dojo

Apr 10, 1957 JKA officially recognized by Japanese government; becomes legal entity

Apr 26, 1957 Supreme Master Funakoshi passes away (age 89)

Oct 20, 1957 The 1st JKA All Japan Karate Championship held at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. Becomes annual event thereafter

Apr 10, 1958 Master Nakayama Masatoshi becomes Chief Instructor

Jun 11, 1961 Crown Prince attends 5th JKA All Japan Karate Championship

May 1, 1964 Japan Karate Federation established

1964 8th JKA All Japan Karate Championship cancelled for Tokyo Olympics

Jun 20, 1965 From 8th JKA All Japan Championship, all championships held at Nippon Budokan

Dec 4, 1965 JKA headquarters dojo moves to Koraku

Oct 30, 1973 JKA headquarters dojo moves to Ebisu

Aug 20, 1975 IAKF World Cup held in U.S. Held every other year for four times

Nov 21, 1975 JKA resigns from Japan Karate Federation

1981 JKA returns to Japan Karate Federation as supporter of each karate style

Sep 29, 1985 Shoto World Cup Karate Championship Tournament held at Budokan. Held every other year since

Apr 15, 1987 Master Nakayama Masatoshi passes away (age 74)

Dec 22, 2000 New JKA headquarters dojo built in Bunkyo-ku, Iidabashi, Omagari

May 19, 2001 Opening ceremony for new JKA headquarters dojo

Aug 2004 JKA launches new official website as "Keeper of Karate's Highest Tradition"

The technqiues of JKA shotokan haven't changed for about 60 years as can be seen by the clips below shobu ippon kumite today is very much identical to about 30 or 40 years ago.


shotokan the art of war

Elwyn hall remembers

Masters of the art

!983 world championships - team sparring Japan vs Germany

imamura 1983 egypt (individual sparring)

1977 world cup IAKF

JKA national japan championships 1988

Yahara vs Imamura 1983 (individual kumite)

JKA world cup Japan vs Brazil (team kumite)