Sunday, January 17, 2010

A comparison of the same kata across the karate styles

Depending upon which style of karate you are from this kata maybe refered to as

1. Tekki
2. Naihanchi
3. Iron Horse
4. Chul Gi

As can be seen there are significant differences across the traditional styles of karate not to mention the freestyle karate Zen Do Kai and Tae Kwon Do, yet it is suppose to be the same kata. The creator Yasutsune Itosu only had one version.

Somewhere along the line personal touches, interpretations and asthetics must have been added to the kata for the vast amount of differences that can be seen across all styles of karate that do practice this kata.

Which one of these if any closely resemble the original kata i guess we will never know, the important thing is that all versions teach the principles of self defense that can be found within each version of the kata.

JKA shotokan Kata Tekki Shodan

Wado Ryu Kata Naihanchi - Sensei Mick Bayliss

Shito ryu kata naihanchi shodan

Matsubayashi Ryu - kata Naihanchi Shodan

Tae Kwon Do - kata Chul Gi 1