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MMA curriculum with Terry Williams

Terry Williams (left) is the chief instructor at Southern Jujitsu

Terry Williams has been active in the martial arts scene for over 25 years as a student, competitor and now martial arts instructor while still active on the mat.

During this time he has studied many martial art styles with prominent national and international instructors, some of the styles Terry has studied are in no particular order,

Kyokushin Karate,
Boxing & Muay Thai
Pankration & mma
Brazilian Jujitsu
Wrestling & Shooto
Sikaran & Arnis

Terry has culminated all his experience to create his very own modern martial art style which mixes stand up, grappling and groundwork, he has also opened his own martial arts school calling it Southern Jujitsu, where as head instructor he teaches his unique and effective brand of combat sports and self defence.

Below is a copy of the current mma curriculum (subject to change) offered at Southern Jujitsu.

Many thanks to Terry for allowing me to reprint this great mma curriculum on my blog.

Southern Jujitsu

Southern Jujitsu's moto "Molon Lave" Come and take them

Terry's web site here

Class Structure, Syllabus and Workout

by Terry Williams

“No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical
training…what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the
beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” -Socrates

Class Structure and Format

Main Class

Warm Up 5 Mins
• Skipping or
• Pummelling

Strike Training (two) 3x3 min = 25

• Hand Pads
• Kick Shield or
• Hand/Kick Pad

Clinch Training (three) 3x3 min = 10

• Pummels and Lifts
• Dives
• Thai Clinch
• Duck-under
• Sprawls

Groundwork (three) 3x3 min = 10

• Takedown to pin
• Takedown to pin to sub
• Scrambles
• Reversals and sub defence
• Subs from Guard

 Sub total 50 mins

Last period Technical Refinement OR

Sparring 5x3 min = 15
• Standing Only
• Standing and Throw
• Full
• Ground Only
Cool Down and stretches 10 mins

Total 1:15hr (75 mins)

Syllabus and Workout

Stand up fighting

Standard Strike Combo’s

1. Left jab, right cross, right round kick.
2. Left jab, right cross, left round kick.
3. Left jab, right cross, left hook, right cross.
4. Left round kick, right cross, left hook, right round kick.
5. Left round kick, right cross, left hook, right round kick.
6. Left body punch, left uppercut, right cross, left hook (Tyson).
7. Right body punch, right uppercut, left hook, right cross, (Tyson).
8. Right uppercut, left hook, right round kick.
9. Right cross, left hook to body, right round kick.
10. Right knee, left hook, right cross.
11. Right grab knee, left hold knee.
12. Left front kick (Teep), right cross, left hook, right cross.
13. Jab, right spin back fist, right cross.
14. Jab, right overhand punch (cobra), left hook.
15. Left round kick, double right stepping knee.
16. Right round kick, double right stepping knee.
17. Jab, left side elbow
18. Fake left roundhouse, right step hook, 2 x left hook/cross, follows with a right hook/cross.
19. Jab, right cross, right side elbow.
20. Right front kick, jumping right cobra.
21. Left round kick, right spin back kick (crocodile tail).
22. Left jab, right jumping elbow.
23. Left jab, right spin back elbow.
24. Left hook body, right knee, right side elbow.
25. Left jab, right cross, left uppercut, left grab knee.
26. Right front kick (Teep), right jumping round kick.

Strikes and Grappling

Control Positions

1. Thai Clinch
2. Head and Wrist Control
3. Seat Belt Control
4. Whizzer and Wrist Control
5. Head and Triceps Control
6. Over-Under Control
7. Kimura Control
8. Body Lock (3 versions)
9. Double Overhooks
10. Head Lock Control

Strikes off Clinches

1. Thai Clinch – Knees, elbows
2. Head Control – Punches, elbows and knees
3. Over Under Control – Knees
4. Double Overhooks - Knees

Entry to Control Positions

1. Overhand to Tie-up
2. Hook to Seat Belt
3. Slip Overhand to Headlock Control
4. Jab to entry
5. Follow Jab to Clinch
6. Jab Parry to clinch
7. Elbow Destruction to Clinch
8. Kick to land forward
9. Combo to wrist control
10. Cover to forward motion

Takedowns (off strikes, slips, levels or control positions)

1. Double Leg
2. Single Leg
3. Single Leg Spin
4. Ankle Pick
5. Shin Dive
6. High Dive
7. Ouchi-Makkikomi
8. Kani-Basami (scissors)
9. Overhand off a kick capture

Throws (off Control Positions)

1. Seoi-Nage (One Arm throw)
2. Drop Seoi-Nage
3. Ouchi-Gari (inside reap)
4. Kouchi-Gari (inside clip)
5. Osoto-Gari (Outside Reap)
6. Kosoto-Gari (Outside Clip)
7. Sumi-Gaeshi
8. Hikikomi-Gaeshi (rice bale)
9. Snap Down roll

Whizzer Trap & Wrist Control

1. Hip Toss
2. Ankle Pick
3. Tani-Otoshi (Sit down)

Throws and take downs
Hip Throws

1. Kubi-Nagi (headlock) off triceps Control
2. Tai-Otoshi (headlock) off triceps Control
3. O-Goshi off over-under control

Slamming Throws

1. Sukui-Nage (off arm drag)
2. Morote-Gari (off head and wrist)
3. Twisting Body Lock
4. High Crotch to sweep
5. Full Step-Around Body Lock
6. Ura-Nage (suplex)

Collar Tie Counters

1. Ouchi-Gari to Ankle Lock
2. Reverse Sumi-Gaeshi
3. Rolling Knee Bar

Takedown Defence

1. Sprawl – off double/single
2. Sprawl and turn
3. Stand Ground
4. Step out
5. Hop – off a single
6. Head push
7. Tai-Otoshi off Whizzer Grip
8. Uchi-Mata off Whizzer Grip
9. Harai-Goshi off Body Lock
10. Uchi-Mata off low body lock dive Outside Leg trip
11. Osoto-Gari from Kimura Grip off duck under body lock
12. Sumi-Gaeshi with Kimura Grip off double leg
13. Hikikomi-Gaeshi off any low dive

Ground work

1. Scarf Hold
2. Kata-Gatame
3. Side Control
4. North-South
5. Reverse Scarf
6. Knee Ride
7. Mount
8. Rear Mount

Defensive Positions

1. Guard
2. Half Guard
3. Turtle


1. Scramble – from any
2. Bridge and roll – from any
3. Post and Pull out – from Guard
4. Sweeps – From Guard or Half Guard


1. Single Leg to high crotch or spin
2. Double or single Leg to Shin Dive
3. Ouchi-Gari to Kouchi-Gari or high dive
4. High Dive to Ouchi-Makkikomi
5. Kosoto-Gari to Seoi-Nage
6. Uchi-Mata to Kani-Basami (half)
7. Seoi-Nage to Sukui-Nage
8. Kosoto-Gari to duck-under to Ura-Nage
9. Any high-low combo



1. Head Arm – Kata-Gatame, mount
2. Triangle – Mount, Guard
3. Rear Naked – Rear Mount, standing
4. Guillotine – Guard, off takedown defence

Arm Locks

1. Juji – Mount, Guard, side control
2. Key-lock – Mount , half Guard, Side Control
3. Reverse Key-lock – Guard, half Guard, takedown defence

Leg Locks

1. Calf Crush – takedown, mount buck, inside guard
2. Heel Hook – takedown, mount buck, inside guard
3. Knee Bar – Kani-Basami, guard pass, inside half guard

Ground Transition Drills

1. Mount reversal to Guard to pass to Mount etc
2. North South continuous reversal
3. Mount to Juji to defend to pass to mount to Juji etc
4. Guard to Juji to defend to pass to mount reversal to Guard etc
5. Side Control to scramble head to head to side control etc
6. Guard to scramble to takedown to guard etc

Grappling Circuit

1. Bent over row
2. Upright row
3. Military Press
4. Good Morning
5. Split Squat Left and Right
6. Squat and Push Press
7. Straight-Legged Dead Lift
8. 6 sets, 60secs Rest between sets

Strength and Conditioning

1. 3 sets of 10
• Medicine Ball Squat Jump
• Medicine Ball Push Ups
2. 3 sets up and back
• Offense Hops – over 4 boxes sideways jump, single Jump
• Defence Hops – Hop up onto box then over
3. 3 sets of 10 Medicine Ball Sprawl
4. 3 sets of Combination Box Jump – Offense and defensive hops
5. 3 sets of 10 - Box Pushups – feet on boxes with a jump
pushup and hands go up & out onto low set pads then back again
6. 3 sets of Standing Box Jump – climb the hill to 6 and
back followed by a ten second squat

Olympic Lifts

1. Clean
2. Snatch
3. Clean Pull
4. Snatch Pull

Bungee Cord

5 level out up and back
Skipping Rope Workout
1. 10 x 1min sprints with 1min rest
2. 10 x 30sec sprints with 30secs rest

Bag Workout

1. Heavy Bag x 3mins
2. Floor Bag x 3 mins
3. Skipping Rope x 3mins


3 x 25
• Drop Medicine Ball onto stomach and lift back up to person standing
• Medicine Ball drops onto abs and obliques from 10cm
• Medicine Ball toss
The Stomp 3 x 1 min sets (light walk on stomach)
Terry Williams with mma legend Randy Couture