Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bunkai-oyo applications by John Hackett sensei

John Hackett sensei 5th dan shotokan karate-do karateka

John Hackett sensei is an Australian shotokan karateka and the chief instructor of "Authentic Shotokan Karate Australia" (ASKA)  he runs the Rockhampton city dojo in Queensland.

John Hackett sensei's website here

John Hackett sensei has been involved in the martial arts since the mid 1970's and has also studied Judo, Wushu and Zen do kai.

John Hackett sensei is the author of two comprehensive illustrated karate books. The first book features the first six shotokan kata and one Bo kata. The second details kumite drills.

He has also written many great articles on karate, some can be found here,

John Hackett sensei has also produced some magnificent articles on the bunkai and oyo applications of shotokan kata.

Below John Hackett sensei takes us through some of his bunkai oyo applications of kata Heian Shodan, Chinte and Meikyo.

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Heian Shodan  bunkai-oyo applications by John Hackett sensei

john hackett heian shodan -

Chinte bunkai-oyo applications by John Hackett sensei

john hackett chinte -

Meikyo bunkai-oyo applications by John Hackett sensei

john hackett-meikyo -

John Hackett sensei's articles in PDF format

1. Heian shodan

2. Chinte

3. Meikyo