Sunday, January 17, 2010

SuiKenDo complexes by master Tadashi Yamashita

Master Tadashi Yamashita 9th dan and founder of Sui Bu Kan
which includes Shorin ryu karate-do and Okinawan Kobudo

Master Yamashita has been involved in the martial arts for over 50 years in both empty hand methods and Okinawan weaponry, along the way he has broken new ground with his many achievements in the martial arts.

Some of his achievements including being the youngest black belt in Japan and the youngest 7th dan in Japan, he was also champion in the all Japan shorin ryu kumite open.

Master Yamashita is also credited with teaching the late martial arts superstar Bruce Lee the Nunchaku and master Yamashita has also starred in martial arts movies, check out Master Yamashita's Nunchaku demonstration video below with real hardwood Nunchaku.

Master Tadashi Yamashita's web page's here,

Master Yamashita was the first martial artist to develop train and apply a reflex training method/drill which today is known and termed as complexes and used by many different martial arts systems around the world.

Master Yamashita's complexes were derived from his personalised version of shorin ryu karate-do and he called them SuiKenDo complexes, he has taught many martial artists from various back grounds around the world these concepts and training methods.

The word SuikenDo comes from the combination of the words “sui” which means water, “ken” which means fist and “do” which means way. “The way of the fist that flows like water” is the philosophy and the concept of this style.

Today Master Yamashita is in high demand for seminars and instruction on the principles of empty hand combat methods and Okinawan Kobudo (weaponry) all over the world.

Although i know nothing about these concepts I found them interesting and many other martial artists from traditional karate to jeet kune do train and teach these continuous reflex methods which  Master Yamashita termed "SuiKenDo complexes".

hanshi Tadashi Yamashita-(part 2 of 10)USA

kata Naihanchi Sho Dan-Yamashita Shorin Ryu Suibukan

hanshi Tadashi Yamashita-Nunchaku (Narration by Dan Inosanto)

Other styles use the principles of SuiKenDo complexes in their training

sensei Richard Norton 5th dan goju ryu karate-ka has his own version of complexes

Sifu Tommy Carruthers Jeet Kune Do has his own version of complexes.