Sunday, January 17, 2010

wrestling with coach Barry Davis

Olympic and Freestyle wrestler Barry Davis (left)

Barry Davis (born September 17, 1961, is an Olympic silver medalist and World champion medalist in freestyle wrestling. Since 1994, he has served as head wrestling coach at the University of Wisconsin. (Wikipedia)

Below wrestling coach Barry Davis takes us through the wrestling mechanics of the single & double leg take down and other wrestling techniques and manoeuvres.

Barry Davis Double-Leg Takedowns, Part 1

Barry Davis Double-Leg Takedowns, Part 2

Barry Davis Wrestling Single-Leg Takedowns

Barry Davis Wrestling Single-Leg Takedowns: Penetration and Hand Placement

Barry Davis Wrestling: Proper Head Positioning for Single-leg Takedown

Barry Davis Wrestling Scramble Drill

Barry Davis Wrestling Pummelling Drill

Barry Davis Wrestling Quickness Drill

Barry Davis Wrestling Sprawl Drill