Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gutter Fighting with Carl Cestari

The late Carl Cestari martial artist and self defence instructor

Carl Cestari was a martial artist, self defence teacher, researcher, pioneer and innovator, starting of in judo and traditional karate and later Daitoryu jujutsu his interest in the martial arts and self defence would leed him to military combatives and close quarter fighting (CQC).

Carl Cestari in his persuit of practicle and effective self defence also explored and studied  most other martial arts but was particularly interested in close quarter combat (CQC) and World War II Combatives such as William E Fairbain's Defendu and many others.

Eventually divising his own system of self defence which he coined "Gutter Fighting" and later joining forces with acouple of experienced martial artists, together they founded Tekkenryu jujutsu "Iron fist style" in japanese.

Carl Cestari was also a policeman, agent, soldier and a warrior.

Carl Cestari DVD's on street self defence

Some examples of Carl Cestari's principles

Below the late Carl Cestari takes us through some of his self defence concepts, principles and techniques for street fighting.

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